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Childhood Gender Dysphoria and I am Jazz
FAQ Sheet

- Kids are not "transgender". They can have gender dysphoria which is a troubling feeling that the gender of one's mind does not match their biological sex.

- 90% of children with gender dysphoria will lose this condition by the time they are adults. It is in most cases a temporary condition.

- Children with gender dysphoria deserve compassion and understanding. With proper therapy, counseling, and medical care, there is a high probability (90%) that a child will outgrow this condition and avoid a multitude of health problems including early death.

- Studies of identical twins have shown the gender dysphoria is not genetic. No "transgender gene" has ever been found.

- Every brain cell of every biologically born boy has an X and a Y chromosome. For girls, they have two X chromosomes. This never changes from conception until death.

- Beginning at 8 weeks gestation, testosterone acts on the male pelvis to make male genitals. This same testosterone circulates within the brain, bathing it in testosterone for development. Therefore there can never be a "girl brain" found in a "boy body". Or vice versa.

- It follows from the above that sex is binary: male and female. What has been termed "gender fluidity" is a description of a state of mind that does not match human biology.

- Numerous psychological and social factors influence a child having gender dysphoria.

- At least 70% of people with gender dysphoria suffer from mental illness currently or in their lifetime.  These may often be serious conditions and need to be treated with kindness, compassion, and understanding as well as proper psychological therapy.

- 90% of suicides are associated with a psychiatric condition.

- The suicide rate of transgender individuals is 19X higher than the general population - even after hormones and surgery. This data is from a long-term study from sexually liberal Sweden. The suicide rate is associated with the high proportion of psychiatric disorders in this population, rather than bullying. This fact clearly contradicts what radical groups in the US are propagating. Even so, neither children nor adults with gender dysphoria should ever be bullied under any circumstance.

- By current protocol, puberty blockers may be given to children as young as age 11. These powerful hormones arrest normal pubertal development at a time when the adolescent is not of sufficient maturity or understanding to make life altering decisions. Critics exist on both the left and the right of this highly unethical practice.

- Because of puberty blockers given to male children, their penis, scrotum, and testicles are "locked in" to a very early stage of development. This makes transgender surgery very difficult and often requires using a portion of colon to mimic female internal genitalia. Or increases the danger of treatment by requiring two surgeries.

- Adolescent males like Jazz who have received puberty blockers at a very early stage will likely be rendered permanently infertile. This is because the testicles were never given the opportunity to produce functioning sperm. Additionally, surgical treatment often involves complete removal of the testicles which would render the person permanently infertile.

- Adolescents like Jazz who have received puberty blockers at a very early stage and then receive gender affirming surgery will very likely have permanent sexual dysfunction.

- There are a number of serious health risks associated with taking cross-sex hormones. These include elevated risks for blood clots, breast cancer, uterine cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and liver dysfunction.

- The mortality rate of being transgender is 3X the general population.


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